Snake In Your House

Few things can be as frightening as walking into your kitchen at night and finding a snake in your house. Or, maybe even more scary, catching a glimpse of the snake slithering away as you turn on the light.

People are generally afraid of snakes, no matter what kind. And it makes no difference to be told the snake in your house is more afraid of you than you are of it.

But that’s likely true.

Most snakes in the U.S. are non-poisonous and actually helpful. They eat mice, slugs, grubs, and other pests that can cause problems. But there are several poisonous types of snakes that can also get in your house.

How do you tell the difference? It’s best not to try. Consider all snakes harmful at least to the extent their bites hurt. That’s why you should call a professional if you find a snake in your house.

Most of the time, snakes that come inside your house are smaller because they can enter through smaller gaps. That doesn’t make them less fearful to most people.

A snake in your house comes there because it’s searching for food or it’s lured in by dark and cool areas. Ground level gaps maybe no more than an eighth of an inch wide can provide access for snakes. These gaps may be around wire or pipe conduits, doors that don’t seal completely, or windows in the basement that aren’t sealed. There are some snakes that are good climbers, too. They can find small openings around the eaves and roof to crawl through.

If there is a snake in your house, what can you do? Don’t try to pick it up. Keep your distance. You may be able to put a large container over it to keep it in one place. Weight the container down if you can. Isolate the room the snake is in at the very least. Close all doors and windows, putting towels or sheets at the bottom so it can’t get out. Then call a professional.

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