Raccoons In Your House

Cute as they may be, raccoons in your house will become a significant problem. The masked animals that look like they’re almost human as they “wash” their food also can bring diseases into your home if they steal space there for their den. They carry raccoon roundworm and rabies. In fact, they’re the third most likely animal to carry rabies, behind skunks and bats.

Raccoons have become urban animals. More and more of their natural woodland habitat is being replaced by housing additions and shopping malls. This puts them more and more in contact with humans.

These animals are smart, curious, and very agile. They can make their dens in your home easily. They are also very adaptable.

Usually there are two reasons to have raccoons in your house. One is accidental. The animal will enter your home through a pet door or open window and not figure out how to get back out. Most of the time, opening the door and gently shooing the raccoon out will result in it leaving on its own. Sometimes, the raccoon will not be so easily coaxed and will lodge itself in a small space. Don’t tangle with it! This is the time to call a professional to remove the raccoon safely and humanely.

The other reason for raccoons in your house is on purpose. When these animals are actively looking for a den, they may choose to move into your chimney or attic. These are dark places, quiet places, and not typically places where the raccoons will have direct contact with humans.

How will you know if there are raccoons in your house? You’ll hear the sounds of rather large animals on your roof or deck outside. You may hear growls and whines coming from your chimney at night. These sounds typically will come in the early morning or early evening. Raccoons are nocturnal animals, coming and going at those times.

Typically, raccoons move from one den to another every few days. So you may simply have to wait them out if you have raccoons in your house. But females with young may be there for as long as eight to ten weeks.

In that latter case, your best solution is to call a professional.

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