Remove Bats From Your Attic —
They’re Not Just A Nuisance

Bats are beneficial because they can eat up to half of their body weight in insects in just one feeding. Can you imagine your back yard with no mosquitoes?

But the problems begin when those same bats make your home their home. And, since bats only need an opening the size of the tip of your little finger to enter your home, they can slip into your home unnoticed, so many of you may have a bat problem.

Heath’s Wildlife Service provides 24-hour emergency and long-term nuisance wildlife solutions for your home or business with a focus on customer service, mutual trust, and ongoing support and information. Chris Heath will give you a no-obligation, free estimate for removing bats from your home. Call 855-422-0434 or 603-664-0513.

Why call a professional to remove the bats from your attic?

One reason is bats are a protected species so they can’t just be killed. Humane removal is required. Once bats are removed from your attic, Heath’s Wildlife Service will seal up the entry ways to prevent them from returning.

Bats are loyal to their birthplaces and will return year after year. This means they will come back to your home if given the chance. Sealing up possible entrances will prevent this.

Another reason a trusted professional like Chris Heath should be called to remove the bats from your attic is health related. Bats carry many different viruses that could be harmful or even fatal to humans. For example, the bats that often live in our homes may be the carriers of rabies. Bats are the animals from which most humans get this possibly fatal disease. Rabies is also a concern for your domestic pets. Removing bats from your home should not be taken lightly for this reason.

Yet another health issue is the number of viruses that can be spread through bat droppings or guano. Histoplasmosis and the hanta virus are two that can be inhaled from dried bat droppings. Both of these viruses can be fatal to humans.

Bats will urinate and defecate wherever they roost. In the confined space of your attic, this can cause noxious odors that make your home unpleasant, but also damage to the dry wall, wooden structures, and insulation. Chris Heath with Heath’s Wildlife Service also has extensive experience in construction, enabling him to make repairs that restore your home once the bats are removed.

If you think or know you need to remove bats in your attic, the worst thing you can do is wait. Waiting simply lets the problem grow and grow. More bats will roost there, increasing the chances of illnesses among your family members. The amount of damage done to your home will also increase, raising the cost of repairs once the bats are removed.

So, don’t wait! Call Heath’s Wildlife Service today for your free, no-obligation estimate for removal of these unwanted animals from your home. Call 855-422-0434 or 603-664-0513 today!