About Heath’s Wildlife Service, LLC

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Heath’s Wildlife Services is owned and operated by Chris Heath. In addition to seven years of experience in the field, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Biology with a minor in Wildlife Studies, Chris brings carpentry and construction knowledge to the table. This is invaluable when understanding how animals get into homes and where they can go, as well as allowing him to provide services such as clean-up and restoration , damage repair, and chimney caps. The goal is for your home to be left as good or better than it was before your “guests” arrived.

Heath’s Wildlife Service is licensed and fully insured, uses humane methods (never poison of any kind!) and is dedicated to providing you long-term solutions.


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Chris Heath is a great guy, top notch customer service, very friendly, and has obvious skill. After trying for 3 years to get rid of my groundhogs, including hiring other local pros, Chris bagged 3 on his first 12 hours on the job! I couldn't be happier.

Rob K. September 4, 2015

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There was a varmint that I needed to get rid of. Heath came to the rescue. Clean, affordable work.

Pat H. September 4, 2015

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He got rid of the gray squirrels living in my attic in just two days! This guy does magic!

James P. September 4, 2015

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Amazing at what they do and really care about the animals as well!

Nick C. September 4, 2015

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Best in the business! I wouldn't even think about using anyone else.

Bryan P. September 4, 2015

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Simply put, Chris is a great guy who does great work. He saved me from an onslaught of garden-ravaging groundhogs a few years ago and I would not hesitate for a second to call again.

Erin M. September 4, 2015