Summer Pest Control Tips

Summertime, and the pests are out. That makes some summer pest control tips valuable. Here are a few.

The first of the summer pest control tips deals with mosquitos. To begin, mosquitos need water in which to lay their eggs and hatch the next generation of these pests. Be sure to get rid of all standing water around your home. This means dumping out any containers that have water in them when you’re finished using them. Check toys around the yard and dump out any standing water in any of them. Make sure water doesn’t stand in your gutters; clean them out periodically.

Another of the summer pest control tips deals with ticks. Those small, blood-sucking critters can become more than a nuisance to your family. With the possibility of tick-borne diseases, you need to do everything you can to rid your property of these pests. Mow your grass regularly. Ticks love to hand around high grass and weeds. Any piles of leaves or dead grass can also be home for ticks. If you think there are ticks around your property, use a repellant to keep them off. If you’re out in the woods hiking or bird-watching or some other activity, be sure to check yourself carefully for ticks you may pick up when you get home.

The third of the summer pest control tips has to do with pests getting inside your home. Be sure screens on your windows are intact and don’t have openings for pests to access your house. Wipe up spills and crumbs promptly so there’s no food source. Any food left out of the refrigerator should be kept in closed containers with tightly-fitting lids. Your trash should also have a close-fitting lid.

A few other summer pest control tips include making sure all drains are clean and working properly so water won’t collect. Be sure to fix any leaks and outdoor faucets. Check birdbaths and change the water frequently.

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