Snow On Your Roof

Living in an area of the country where winter is really winter usually means dealing with snow removal on your roof. There are benefits and liabilities when considering this chore.

Up to a point, snow on your roof is a good thing. It does provide some insulation. If you notice snow on your roof when your neighbors don’t have any, it could mean your home is well insulated. But if the snow on your roof melts long before your neighbors’, you should check your roof to see whether you’re losing heat through it.

There are some other very important factors to consider about snow on your roof. One is snow load. This is more than just the depth of the snow on your roof. It also is the density of that snow. If the snow load is too much, you could get a damaged roof.

Any ice buildup on your roof can become a significant problem. Ice is much heavier than snow, so having a lot of ice on your roof increases the load it has to carry. When snow melts from your roof, the water travels to the lowest point. This melted snow can then re-freeze as ice and lead to an ice dam. If this process continues, ice can build up on your roof, leading to roof damage and even damage inside your home.

Another consideration regarding snow on your roof is the kind of roof you have. A metal roof will shed snow faster. Shingled roofs tend to hold the snow longer.

The pitch of your roof is another factor to keep in mind. If you have a steeper pitched roof, you’ll have less trouble with snow on your roof. But flatter roofs can hold snow longer, potentially leading to trouble with ice buildup.

If you have rain falling on the snow on your roof and not running off, the potential for damage increases. The rain will just add to the total snow load your roof is carrying.

The age of your home can make a difference in the potential trouble with snow on your roof. Older homes may have more deterioration of the roof and possibly more leaks that allow indoor heat to melt some of the snow.

Newer homes typically have less trouble with snow on your roof. They’re built better, with better materials, and more advanced building techniques. All this means better ability to handle snow on your roof.

If you have some issues with snow on your roof, Heath’s Wildlife Service provides 24 hour emergency and long-term solutions for your home or business with a focus on customer service, mutual trust, and ongoing support and information. Chris Heath will give you a no-obligation, free estimate for removing snow from your roof. Call 855-422-0434 or 603-664-0513