Owl Problems

Owls are one of the highly specialized predators at the top of the food chain. One of the ways you may have owl problems is because they can be responsible for the loss of poultry or small animals around your home.

Owls are nearly entirely nocturnal. Because of this, a lot less is known about them than about some of the other “day time” predatory birds like hawks. They can range from the tiny elf owl, only about five or six inches in size, to the great gray owl which can grow to 24 to 33 inches in size. This latter owl is found in the northern U.S. and can lead to significant owl problems.

The great horned owl may be the most widely found raptor in North America. They prey on small to medium-size birds and mammals. They are responsible for most owl problems.

In addition to taking poultry and even small dogs and cats, owl problems can creep into areas where they can cause serious human problems. If owls or other raptors concentrate around places like airports, for example, they could cause serious injury to people by being involved in airplane strikes.

Most of the time, owls are secretive and avoid human contact. But they may nest or roost in close proximity to humans. This can lead to owl problems due to noise, aggressive behavior, and damage to property.

How do you know if there’s are owl problems around your home? Watch for some of these indications: At places where owls feed you may see small piles of chalky whitewash on the ground. Also, they may regurgitate pellets consisting of bones, teeth, hair, and other parts of undigested prey. Because owls gulp their food, there may be lots of bone in these pellets.

What can you do if you have owl problems? Be aware that owls are protected species. No one can catch or harm them without special permits. Noises and increased human occupation of an area will often keep owls away. However, if they’re hungry enough, they’ll ignore much of this effort.

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