Bird Problems

Nearly everybody likes birds, but nobody likes bird problems. The attraction people have for birds leads to not understanding the serious problems birds can bring to your home.

First, let’s think about the disease aspect of bird problems. Diseases are brought on by something from the outside of us getting inside us. In the case of birds, this can be many things.

Birds are a very good way to spread disease. They fly great distances, carry over forty types of parasites, and are hosts to over sixty kinds of infectious diseases.

You can see the very real disease concerns brought with birds in or around your house.

Most of the time, we humans don’t have a lot of contact with birds or deal with bird problems. Mainly because most species of birds avoid human contact. But there are some species (pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows) that have adapted very well to co-living with humans.

How does this co-living expose us to diseases? One way is the disease pathogens live in the birds and are spread through the birds’ droppings. Another is the little critters that cause the disease live in the environment where birds gather and are brought in when the birds come to your house. Yet another possibility is the disease lives in parasites that live on the birds.

All of these are ways you can catch some significant illnesses from birds.

The disease pathogens can get in your water or food through bird droppings. Or, spores from dried bird droppings can blow in through vents or air ducts and land on your food. You might inhale dust that has dried droppings in it. The warm, moist environment of your lungs is perfect for organisms to grow and thrive, making you sick. The ticks, mites, fleas or other parasites that live on the birds may start living on you when the birds are gone. This, too, leads to significant illness.

What do you do when you have bird problems? Not only do you make the birds go away, you also have to keep them away. Plus, you must clean up any areas where they have been living or nesting to get rid of parasites. The best way to do this is hiring a professional.

When you have bird problems, you may want to consider hiring a professional to take care of the problem for you. Heath’s Wildlife Service provides 24 hour emergency and long-term nuisance wildlife solutions for your home or business with a focus on customer service, mutual trust, and ongoing support and information. Chris Heath will give you a no-obligation, free estimate for removing pests from your home. Call 855-422-0434 or 603-664-0513.