Gophers In Your Yard

Gophers in your yard will soon destroy it. It has been said gophers are all mouth and no heart because they will eat just about any kind of plant. Gophers are strictly herbivores.

Their tunnel systems are not usually visible. This is one indication that you may have gophers in your yard and not moles. The tunnels used by moles are just under the surface of the ground and easily visible.

Moles are not going to destroy your plants; they eat worms and similar things. But their tunnels will make your yard look terrible.

In addition, the mounds of dirt left by both gophers and moles are different. This is a way to tell which you have. The mounds of moles are more round and have a hole in the middle. Those of gophers are larger and wrap about three-fourths of the way around a hole.

Both critters are harmful to your yard and should be removed.

How do gophers destroy your plants? There are basically three ways. One is that the gophers in your yard will clip the roots off plants under the surface where you can’t tell. Another way is the gopher may pull plants down into its tunnel . A third way is the gopher in your yard may come out above ground for short distances to gather plants from the opening to its tunnel.

Gophers’ sense of smell is very sensitive. If you can use something they don’t like to smell, they may leave your yard. When you go fishing next time, put some of the scraps from the fish you clean in their tunnels. Castor oil diluted with water and sprayed into the tunnels sometimes works. Old coffee grounds mixed into the soil can also drive away gophers in your yard. Dryer sheets tucked into tunnels may do the trick, as well. Mothballs are another strong source of unwanted scents that may drive gophers away.

Sometimes, it will be difficult to tell just what you have burrowing in your yard and destroying plants This is the time to hire a professional to help you. Different types of these burrowing pests require different ways of dealing with them.

When you have gophers in your yard, you may want to consider hiring a professional to take care of the problem for you. Heath’s Wildlife Service provides 24 hour emergency and long-term nuisance wildlife solutions for your home or business with a focus on customer service, mutual trust, and ongoing support and information. Chris Heath will give you a no-obligation, free estimate for removing pests from your home. Call 855-422-0434 or 603-664-0513.